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Biophotonics (2CFU)

  • Introduction to biophotonics. Light-Matter Interactions. Principles of Lasers. (A. Locatelli, 2h).
  • Principles of optical microscopy. Multiphoton microscopy. Optical Coherence Tomography. (C. De Angelis, 2h).
  • a) Photobiology: b) "in vivo" reflectance confocal microscopy and other non invasive optical diagnostic techniques for skin investigation. (P.G. Calzavara and M. Venturini, 3h).
  • Basics of Raman scattering and Fluorescence for microscopy and biomolecular imaging. (S. Abbate and G. Longhi, 3h).
  • Surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopy (I. Alessandri, 2h)